Wednesday, July 20, 2011

She's HERE!

On July 11 Jason and Holli's newest niece came into the world to join our family! Olivia Davis spent her first week in the hospital getting stronger and bigger. She came home on Friday the 15th.

Since Holli and Jason were in Florida with the Jones we missed out on the Olivia's first week. This past Monday, Holli and Jason went to visit Olivia for the first time. She is a true doll. She took to both her Aunt and Uncle!

After a quick diaper change, Holli got a turn at the entertainment. Olivia cooed and smiled and was a little angel. Holli joined in with the cooing and smiling too!

After another quick diaper change, Jason took the rains.
Olivia took to Jason right off the bat. She cooed and
made all kinds of noises for Jason. Jason, being Jason, made
noises right back at her. Faces were made, fun was had, and
Olivia decided it would be a hoot to try and latch...
Little did she know t-shirts make that tough, but a
pacifier takes care of that.

We are glad Olivia is here and enjoyed our time with her. We look forward to times of joy and watching her grow up. We hope to see her again this weekend when Mimi and Poppy come to visit their Grand-daughter.