Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Update on Jason

I guess since this is both mine and Jason's blog -- you guys might want to hear an update about him! Jason is finishing up his summer semester classes this week and then getting ready to gear up for the fall classes. His summer classes went well for the most part, but he's ready to move on to something different! He took a history class, 2 education classes, and an astronomy class involving a lab.

His goal for the fall is to take a history internship class over at Sloss Furnances (counting as 2 courses), another history course, then an education course. However, he is having a ridiculously hard time registering for classes for the fall -- so be praying for him that he gets all of that straightened out. As typical for everything in Jason's life, nothing comes easy and ultimately we end up doing everything the hardest way possible. :-)

He had good bachelor's weekend on July 11-12 in Pennsecola, FL to watch the Blue Angels Air Show. He was able to enjoy the weekend with our dads, brothers, and his friend Alex! They rented a house and had a good ole time with just the boys!!

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