Monday, May 9, 2011

Lots to report! HOUSE addition

So... of coure everyone wants to know about the house! Here's the timeline of events in the last few weeks:

- March 18- saw the house and loved it.
- March 19- Cam came by and checked it out and didn't find anything too major wrong.
- Offer on the house: March 20, along with 3-4 other offers.
- ~March 25th -- found out they are going forward with our offer!!
- April 5th -- official acceptance of our offer from the bank! Lining up a home inspection and had to turn on all the utilities in our name for the inspection.
- April 11th - home inspection and everything went well!
- April 11 to April 25 -- getting property survey, finalizing everything with the loan, getting appraisal, getting property insurance, getting home waranty, etc.
- April 15 - Find out that some repairs need to be done for the house to appraise. Cam sends in estimate to do the work. He is approved by the bank for the work.
- April 26 - Cam does the repairs on the floor and sink.
- May 3- House is re-appraised and all is good.
- May 4 - SCRAMBLING trying to get this wire transfer for the downpayment. It was a VERY stressful day, but it went through ok in the end -- right at 5 pm when the bank closed!!
- May 5- Closing Day!! Very stressful with revising the HUD at the last minute. They left off Cam's repair invoice and the property survey. Closing was supposed to be at 4 pm, but we didn't get to the table until 5:30 and left around 6:30 pm. Still wasn't officially ours because bank was not there to sign.
- May 6 - One last panic with a piece of paper that was not signed, but we got it taken care of and the bank signed off on the HUD around 4:30 pm. The house was officially ours!!

Now we have to make repairs, etc. Jason and I started on Saturday, but we were too busy between helping Grandma unpack boxes (Grandma moved to a retirement home in Lawrenceville from Idaho -- whole other story) and trying to get to Carrollton for mother's day. Tonight will be mine and Jason's first night spending the night in the house -- on an air mattress. The plan for moving the stuff right now is Memorial Day. Trying to get the carpet cleaned and walls painted first.

Will keep you updated as we progress!

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