Monday, May 9, 2011

Lots to report! KIDS Addition

The last week of our lives was VERY exciting -- as Jason talked about with the kids. It was an amazing experience and I love my nephews and niece SOOOOO much. I don't know how Heather does it all the time -- but I have a new theory about having 5 kids. I think it's gotta be a lot easier when you have them one at a time (I know, shocker). But then you get used to having one baby, then 2 kids, then 3 and so on. Going from 0 to 5 -- big shock! But the kids were GREAT and we had so much fun. I was so exhausted, and I'm still so exhausted because it was like being at a constant slumber party for 8 days. I went to work every day, came home and cooked dinner while Dad and Jason took kids to baseball and/or church, then we ate dinner and watched TV and movies until very late while snuggling on the couch (oftentimes with popcorn, cookies, or ice cream). And then on the weekend we took them to see Gwinnett Braves on Friday, Tangled on Saturday, and bowling on Sunday!! So, one big whirlwind and it was AWESOME. It's weird and lonely now NOT being at their house!! I have tons of pics and videos of G Braves, and bowling. So, easier to check them all out at shutterfly:, but here is a sneak peak:

Jason helping Noelle bowl:

All 4 boys under the blanket at the ball game:

Jason convincing Noelle to kiss the ball for good luck (GROSS!):

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