Friday, March 25, 2011

House Hunting

So, as promised, here is a blog about house hunting. :-)

Jason's mom is a real estate agent, so she's been sending us things for a while casually just so we'd get a feel for what was out there in our price range and try to start deciding what we wanted and what was really important to us.

Jason and his mom started casually looking at house back in January while I was still in Augusta. They started to get an even better feel for what we needed and started narrowing down some areas and house types.

Originally we were looking in the Lawrenceville/Suwanee area to stay as close as possible to all our family and church. Many of the lovely houses that kept popping up were more in the Dacula/Auburn area. I believe this area saw a lot of growth right before the housing market took a dive -- so a lot of newer, nice homes are recently in foreclosure. Originally we thought this area was "too far out." However, when I got my job job in Athens a few weeks ago, we decided that Auburn/Dacula might be just perfect. :-)

Well, after both me and Jason went out with Karen a few times in March, we found a house we really like and made an offer on Sunday!! It's in Auburn off Fence Road and Auburn Road (Hwy 324) if you know where that is. It's a 4 bedroom/2.5 bath with a full unfinished basement. It is a foreclosure and will need some work, but my brother has already looked at it and it's nothing that we can't do or easily get him to do.

Well, we heard back from the real estate agent representing the bank yesterday, and they're going to negotiate with our offer!! We should get something formal in writting either today or Monday. I will update as we know more -- and as I get some pictures off Jason's camera so that I can add them to the blog as well! :-)

Your continued prayers and support are always appreciated! :-)

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